Sunday, July 11, 2010

blogger missing in action

it's been a ca-razy week. it kicked off with another flood in the basement and my 15 year old cousin arrived from ontario to stay with us for 6 days at our place. day one: flood. day two: waited for the plumber. day three: waited for the insurance adjuster. we've really shown her a good time. haha. all seems to be well in the basement again and sarah swears that she's had fun. blogging has been limited this week as we've tried to pack in some fun things too. here's a couple photos to tide you over until your regularly scheduled blogging returns on monday:

sarah and ben - just woken up in the morning of august 19, 2009

sarah and ben, just woken up in the morning of july 11, 2010


theRachel said...

Periodically this week I wondered to myself, "where's Bec?" Now I remember. Sorry to hear about the flood. That sucks.

judy macd said...

who's the chubby cheeks sitting with Sarah in that first picture?? ha ha What a change a year can make!!

Ang said...

I honestly thought the first pic was Kai, I was thinking "when did this happen?" for a second. It must be the chin that develops this month that makes them look so similar.

Ang said...

BTW, lets all just take a moment to appreciate the new living room wall colour this year. It looks so good!