Friday, July 23, 2010


people talk about thrift stores being so super awesome. some of these people are friends of mine whose kids' toys, books, and sometimes even clothes are from thrift stores and you'd never believe it. they find fantastic treasures. some of these people are bloggers whose blogs i read as they show befores and afters of their thrifted treasures.

after talking to yet another person this past week who loves thrift stores, i decided to make a couple stops today of my own.

boo. thrift stores are full of junk! and one of the two that i went to today didn't even HAVE a toy section. where are these super amazing thrift stores? or do i have to go everyday to find the steals? please advise.

(moments after i posted this post, i found yet ANOTHER blogger's post on thrifting...sure they live in sweden but how can their thrift stores be THAT much cuter than ours?)


The Queen of Fifty Cents said...

The deal with thrifting is, you don't get lucky every time. It's a treasure hunt, and some days you score and some you don't.

That said, I agree about thrift stores, at least the ones around here. I do find amazing bargains at garage sales, and you have the advantage of seeing what kind of people owned it before. So don't give up after just one try!

Bec Shulba said...

thanks for the encouragement, queen!

Carolyn said...

Rebecca, have to sift through the junk!! There's lots of junk but one prize makes the sifting worth it! Don't give up! Take it from me....the deal woman!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Bec,

I'm totally with you on not finding the treasures. I know so many people - especially from Rick's family (being Dutch and all) who find these amazing things a thrift stores and flee-markets! On the occasional chance, I find something once in a while and its great, but for the most part, I find thrifting stressful and super annoying. Just as Rick - he will laugh and tell you.

I hate things are ugly, junky and disorganised. I can't be bothered to take the time and sift through the crap. I like going into a place and knowing where to find it. I think this is why I've more often then not opted for online shopping instead like ebay or craigslist. Usually if I do find something in a thrift store its because I wasn't even looking for it.