Sunday, July 04, 2010

the experiment: update

i started this experiement. day one: ben did not seem to care that there were barely any toys in his toybox on monday morning. he played with the ones that were there and then went back to pulling things out of the cupboard, ripping up magazines, and getting all the dvds out of the drawers. then tuesday, we were barely home the whole day so i didn't not introduce a new bag of toys. wednesday, ben got sick and barely left my lap or his crib all day. the experiment has fallen apart. oh well. i liked lael's idea (left in my comments that day) about having two bins that get switched every few weeks but at this point, we don't have that many toys. something to try in the future. :)

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LaelDyck said...

what?? you linked my name to my blog?? haha! nice! i made it into your blog. :D and, sadly, i can't take credit for the 2 bins of toys idea... :(