Thursday, July 22, 2010

first things first...

i missed my july 16th post - ben is now 13 months and oh, what a difference a month makes! this month ben started...

> dancing to music
> posing for the camera
> using a hand sign to say that he's all done eating
> bringing me books to read to him (though he doesn't usually stay for the whole story yet)
> giving kisses on demand
> showing signs of understanding more of what we're saying (like getting excited and waving bye when we say "park")
> toddling fast
> taking bites of pieces of food that are too big instead of trying to stuff the whole thing in his mouth

it's just getting more fun and bringing new challenges. my dad has said to me many times that i was so much fun when i was a little only child and i remember thinking, "how could a toddler be so fun?". well, i hear you, dad. i like this kid a lot. :)


LaelDyck said...

aw so sweet! i, personally, love his noises! haha!! and i love this picture of Benny Boy!

theRachel said...

Aw, Ben, you're growing so fast. And Bec, it is endlessly fun to hear you gush about how much you enjoy motherhood.

dawn said...

That's awesome!!!