Tuesday, July 13, 2010

it's just a phase

this should be every mom's mantra when their kid starts something new. if they start disliking their bottle, dropping their food off their highchair tray, waking up in the middle of the night after having slept through it for months and month...it's just a phase. it will pass. you can make it through.

i blogged on june 23 that ben was this great little sleeper who'd wait patiently in his crib on the odd day that he might wake earlier than normal. in true murphy's law fashion, that day was the beginning of terribly early wake ups. he kept waking up at 5:30 - 6:00am seemingly wide awake, yelling in his crib. we'd try to ignore him but there didn't seem to be much chance of him going back to sleep. he started having a dirty diaper every morning - and who could go back to sleep with a dirty diaper? then ben got sick for a week. then he was teething. he just kept getting up earlier and earlier until i was feeding him at 4am and putting him back to bed, only to have him wake up and be ready to go at 6am. what the heck? what had happened to my good sleeper? i started to wonder if this was going to be our new normal. when he stopped waking up at 4am and started sleeping until 6am, i began to accept it as normal and kept telling myself i needed to start going to bed earlier. and then one day? he went back to sleeping in until 7:30 - 8am.

phew. it was just a phase. and now we are in a new phase. a good one. it too shall pass but let's hope this one sticks around for awhile at least...

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