Friday, July 02, 2010

sick baby

ben tried to warn me for a couple of days that he was getting sick by having horrible diapers but i didn't clue in. when he woke up on wednesday morning lethargic and cuddly, i knew something must be wrong - this baby doesn't cuddle. as every mom who doesn't have a cuddly baby can understand, i was enjoying that ben wasn't feeling great while he sat on my lap to watch some tv with me. ben caught my enjoyment vibe and threw up all over the floor to make his point. this was no time to enjoy - this was sympathy time, mom! i got it.

so after numerous messy diapers complete with the necessary change of clothes, 3 throw ups, one $10 bottle of pedialyte that is only good for 48 hours, 3 big naps, 3 different crib sheets, 2 loads of laundry, and lots of sympathetic cuddles later...ben was on the up and up. thursday seemed fine though the diapers kept coming and he was a little grumpy around the edges. we put him to bed at bedtime and didn't hear anything from him until this morning at 7:20am. i went in and found bright purple cookies tossed all over his sheets. it was dried in his hair. it had stained his hands. i guess a few handfuls of blueberries at dinnertime isn't the way to help your baby feel better as these berries came all back up. yuck. and how long ago in the night had it happened? why didn't he wake up and call us? weird. so he's not better yet but we can tell he's not getting worse - the cuddling hasn't come back.


ramblin'andie said...

:( I hope Ben feels better soon.

theRachel said...

Oh geez, sounds like you guys have had a rough couple of days.

When I first read "tossed bright purple cookies all over his bed," my first thought was "Why did Ben have cookies in his bed?" Then I realized what you really meant. Ha. Got to read a bit slower I guess.

Bec Shulba said...

when i wrote that line, i imagined you commenting, "why did ben have cookies in his bed?". seriously.

rachel said...

oh man, this has totally happened to me with Nevin... gross. And there's nothing like your baby sleeping in puke to make you feel like a bad mom. :(
Anyways, good work on the cuddles and tlc with the little guy.

theRachel said...

Ahhhh...once again I'm reminded why we're friends.