Tuesday, July 12, 2011

baby moves

i don't know if i just don't remember my pregnancy with ben very well (which is highly likely) but this baby is so unbelievably active. it feels like she's right up against my skin (even though i know she's not) and she just goes crazy all evening before i go to bed. so much moving that tim can see my stomach going crazy from across the room. no need to feel for the baby kicking here! just watch it! augh! it's pretty weird. and really, it shouldn't be that weird because it's my second. this should feel normal.

oh man. i gotta go lie down.

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Megan said...

My baby is super active too. We call it "alien child" sometimes because the movements do not seem real. It's not moving as much now that it's running out of room, but for awhile I was feeling exhausted by how much movement was going on. It is reassuring though & pretty cool to see.