Sunday, July 17, 2011


after posting about ben's move to his new room, we used some painter's tape to make stripes along the ceiling and i used ben's new bedding to pick a few colours for these stripes. tim painstakingly measured, leveled, and taped each stripe which led me to think that maybe i didn't need 5 stripes...i could do with 3. after taping, we began to paint the first colour on the biggest stripe: dark blue. after doing some corners, tim discovered the the paint was seeping under the tape. abort! abort! he washed the paint off with little damage done and announced that we weren't going to paint stripes. i said, "no way - people paint stripes. it's doable." i read up some more on painting stripes and one tip many people had was to first paint the stripes with the base coat colour. this may seep below the tape but it's the correct colour so it won't matter and it will seal off the crevices for the other colours. i went to home depot, bought a quart of our base (since we didn't seem to have any leftover from when we painted it the first time) but being the procrastinator that i am, we didn't do anything with it until about a month later: this weekend.

yesterday, we painted the base coat. yesterday night, after ben was in bed, we did our dark blue stripe. this morning before church, we did the much needed second coat of the dark blue stripe. right now, while ben naps, i painted the bottom green stripe and tim painted the skinny tan stripe. each colour, i say, "this doesn't look like the bedspread" and tim reassures me that it will dry darker and we can and will do second coats on them. here's where we're at right now:
i'm just desperate to peel that tape off now so we can see if it worked! we didn't check ANY of our tape yet so this could be a total washout and we'll be painting over it all with the original blue. eep. hopefully not. the dark blue needs one more coat for good measure and we'll do one more coat on the other two as well just because we have SO much paint leftover.

we'll keep you posted!


dawn said...

It looks good so far...from a distance...on my netbook!!! Hoping to see a very successful final result!

theRachel said...

Oooo! Very exciting! Hope the stripes work out ok!

ramblin'andie said...

what fortuitous timing! Elisabeth has asked for stripes on her wall and I will definitely be looking here to see how yours went before we attempt them on her wall!

LOVE how it looks so far :)