Saturday, July 23, 2011

playing pretend

coming very soon is a stage that i'm looking forward to - playing pretend. i've played a little of it with ben when we go to the park and play on little train they have. i ask him to bring me soup or milk and then i pretend to eat or drink. he thinks it's so funny and i can see the wheels turning in his head while we play. we were recently at a friend's house and their 2 1/2 year old pretended that he was a dog for awhile and then a cow (complete with making himself a barn with hay). ben wasn't sure what to make of him. so we're not quite there yet. :)

the other day when ben woke up, he brought his curious george and his baby out from his crib and into the kitchen. while i made his cheerios and poured his milk, he set his two peeps on their own chairs then sat down himself. he happily looked at them for a bit and then moved to sit with baby with a concerted effort not to squish him (just hug him tightly). i know this is the just the beginning of hanging out with pretend friends. i'm a fan.

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