Wednesday, July 06, 2011

what's for dinner?

i know that lots and lots of people (many of you included) plan out their meals ahead of time and then only have to do one shop a week/two weeks. it's a stellar plan and i knew that in my mind but for some reason, i couldn't pull it together to make it work for me. or i wasn't motivated enough. i don't know. anyways, we're attempting a mega-budgeting month this month so i thought i'd attempt the meal planning in hopes of spending less on groceries.

WELL! how great is this meal planning thing, hey? like i said, i knew all along it would be stellar. and it is. why couldn't i do this before? the bonus to saving money by only doing one shop is that by knowing what i am making for dinner, there's no standing in front of the pantry, fridge, or freezer thinking, "augh - what am i going to make for dinner? how can i have nothing in here to make?" i have this list of meals and if i decide to switch one day for another, it's no biggie because i have all the ingredients already. so great. last night we barbequed cod, potatoes, and peppers and tonight we ate quiche. tomorrow is chicken & broccoli with rice. lovely.

this could be the beginning of a whole new "bec the homemaker"...umm...or at least "bec the dinner maker".


LaelDyck said...

i did this for a few months and then got lazy. now i plan out maybe 3 meals a week and the rest are make-shift (or take out). one problem i ran into when planning the meals is forgetting about having an obscene amount of leftovers. you might need to schedule in a leftovers meal once a week if you and tim aren't into having leftovers for lunch every day.

Bec Shulba said...

oh, we are into leftovers for lunch! :)

Hanners said...

I like being spontaneous and eating whatever I feel like eating.

But I don't have a pregnant belly. Or a baby. Or a husband.

Laura said...

So glad to hear you are finally doing the meal plan. It's wonderful!

theRachel said...

Woo hoo! Love it! Look forward to hearing more about how it goes!