Tuesday, July 19, 2011


the stripes turned out great! turns out, pressing the tape down with a metal putty knife and then painting the base colour coat first totally stops paint from seeping under the tape - even in the corners. the thin brown stripe is not at all the colour i'd thought it was from teh paint chip which is a little disappointing but it's high enough above the bedspread that it's not a big enough deal to do anything about. :)
when we originally moved into the house, the room was light pink and yellow. too bad we didn't keep that, right? but when we painted, we just left the closet light pink. we must not had had enough paint because we couldn't find the leftovers when we wanted to paint the base this time. so with half a quart left, tim finished off the closet which looks so much nicer.

my mom found the ikea trofast for FREE somewhere (side of the road, mom?) which turns out is a kids room staple! we were pretty excited about it but now that we bought a train table that we want to keep in ben's room, we moved the trofast into the closet. it will now be clothing storage which will be super handy since we hadn't thought about a dresser yet. i'm sure it will hold some toys as well. we've already filled the biggest bin full of stuffed animals.

while i'd put some shelves in for a little reading area, it's currently being taken up by the train table because we're going to move ben's crib into the spot where the table will eventually go. yes, we're moving ben's crib into the room. we just want him to be in the blue room so that we can work on the yellow room to make it more girly but we didn't want to rush him into the big bed. this is our solution for a few months until it's time to get ben into his bed. right now, i'm relishing the extra 30 - 40minutes that he'll happily stay in his crib in the morning when he wakes up too early. why would i want to lose that, right?

so we're on our way to reorganizing the rooms of our house. we just need a roller blind for ben's new room and maybe do a little shopping for some fabric to make a little valence and we'll be done!


Carolyn said...

Rebecca, you are totally Judy's daughter...the room looks great. The FREE trofast..Judy's totally my sister:)

judymacd said...

Thanks, C.. I'll take that as a compliment :) Your room looks great Rebecca.. and yes.. free is good! AND I'm totally lucky to be your sister..

ramblin'andie said...

I love how the stripes turned out! Such a cute room. But I can't wait to see what you do with a girlie room too :)

theRachel said...

It's looking SO GOOD. I'm glad to hear the stripes are working out better than the first time around!