Tuesday, July 26, 2011

treat receipt

have you been to starbucks lately? now that there's a starbucks in our mall, i have been there more often this summer than last. rainy days and very hot days are spent inside for this pregnant girl.

i discovered that if you buy a brewed coffee in the morning, your $1.75 tall is actually upsized to a grande. that's a lot of coffee for $1.75. THEN, if you keep your receipt and bring it back after 2pm, you can get a grande cold drink (frap, anyone?) for $2!

that's 3.75 for a grande coffee AND a grande frap! it's really a pretty great deal. unfortunately, i have not yet cashed in a treat receipt. but one of these days...


Ashlee said...

it's a great deal for us starbuck-aholics :)

Carolyn said...

Starbucks everywhere?