Monday, October 24, 2011

$1.50 well spent

a month or so ago, i went to the new local dollar store. i'm always surprised that different dollar stores can have that many different things from each other. this one that i went to is a dollar plus store so there are more expensive things...but really, much better selection. i bought a bunch of random things. one of them was a bag of foam letters and numbers for the bath.

turns out - these were the best $1.50 investment ever. ben loves them. they stick to the walls so well with just water. i would spell out "ben" for him every night in the tub and pretty soon, he started spotting the letters b, e, and n in other places - books, signs, etc. i was so surprised and realized i should be telling him the whole alphabet! now, we line up the letters and sing our ABCs. we also organize the letters into colour piles. ben also likes to pretend they are pizza and pretend to eat them. they're a very versatile toy. if you have a kid, i'd highly recommend some foam letters for your tub.

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dawn said...

that's awesome...he'll be reading and spelling before you know it!!!! :)