Monday, October 31, 2011

more pumpkin patching

this weekend, we tried out Maan Farms - you have to pay to get in (we had a groupon) and it wasn't that great in comparison to my fav, Willowview Farm. but maybe it's just because my expectations were higher because it cost money. here are our highlights.

we were the only family without some kind of baby carrier...they hurt my neck/shoulders and tim refuses to wear one. haha.

bunnies at the petting zoo

ben loved being in the duck/chicken pen though he didn't want to get too close to any of the birds. in this pic, i said, "ben, go close to the ducks and i'll take your picture." that's as close as he got - and you can see the wary look on his face.

the giant sandbox is definitely a highlight of Maan Farms...though they just had this one shovel which ben monopolized.

avery never woke up.
the only pumpkin we went near - we were really there for the animals and the good times.

back to the bird pen.

(we've switched computers here at home so normally i would have cropped a couple of these pics so you could the see the facial expressions better but i can't figure out the software on this computer.)

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theRachel said...

Avery is a champ - sleeping the whole time! Woo hoo!