Saturday, October 15, 2011

what's your level?

i think everyone has different levels of tolerance when it comes to their babies. a friend was telling me today that she'd told her husband that her son was good during the day. then her husband spent all morning with the baby and informed her that he was fussy, cried, pooped, fussy some more etc. etc. and asked her, "is this normal?" she was like, "yeah. that's a good day."

when it comes to avery, i think she's probably a pretty content baby overall...but it's looking like the problem is that i have a low tolerance level. i want to feed her, burp her, let her fall asleep in my arms, then lay her down and have her sleep for a solid few hours. in fact, stay and awake and be happy if you'd like. once in awhile this is what happens. i think to myself, "this is it! we've passed the weird newborn stage and life is going to be normal and happy now!" then we have a day like today where avery has slept only 30 minutes about three times between 3pm to now (9pm) and all the rest of that time has been spent crying. oh. my. goodness. it's a ton of crying. (thankfully, tim's taken a ton of time with her and we've been watching hockey with my dad so you don't really have to hear what's happening.) the crying makes me crazy. we try everything we know...which is feed her and change her diaper. these things are not working. i find it very "you don't know how to look after a baby!" which is stressful.

but you know? it's one day. tomorrow will be different and it will be a day of perfect naps, bottles, and quiet, happy awake time which will be very "you are the best mother ever!" and that will make me feel better. today will have increased my tolerance level a bit and any crying that happens tomorrow will seem like nothing.


Anonymous said...

Its amazing isn't it? How much they can actually cry. I spend all day long with crying infants since I work on a neonatal unit. I know its probably not the same because I'm not a parent and they are not my babies, and they generally have a good reason to scream at me (I am putting needles in them after all) but working where I do has really open my eyes to how much insane work babies are. Its really funny - some days the crying doesn't bother me at all and other days I just can't handle it. Its got to be stressful. At least at the end of the day I go home to peace and quiet. As a parent though, your job never stops. Keep up the good work Bec.

LaelDyck said...

I too have a very low tolerance for crying and fussiness! It's so frustrating because I feel like I am always working towards him being content playing by himself or him sleeping. All day long I feed and try and get him to sleep or make him happy by himself. I think it makes my days worse. I just need to be ok holding him lots and playing with him lots....ugh! I feel selfish most of the time. Do other moms really not mind the crying and fussiness?