Wednesday, October 19, 2011

at one month

avery is already one month and it feels like we just got her. when ben was a month old, it felt we'd had him forever because he was my only focus all day, everyday whereas i'm still looking at this wee girlie and asking, "who are you?".

here are some things that i know about avery:

> she's not a fan of swaddling and likes to sleep with her arms out or up.

> she is definitely going to be a soother baby like ben.

> she does not like the swing.

> she loves the bath.

> she hasn't been liking wearing hats but hopefully that will change.

> she loves to sleep...during the day.

> in the evenings, she needs to sleep but can't do it alone - she wants to be held close.

it may not be a long list but remember, babies don't do much other than eat, sleep, and dirty their diapers. just seeing this list makes me feel like i know avery better than i realize.

one month old mother of two


LaelDyck said...

Love the pics and love your little girl!

RookieMom Whitney said...

You are the cutest, Bec. Congrats on Avery - and welcome to the One of Each club. It's awesome.