Friday, October 07, 2011

my b-boy

a common question that people ask once you have a second kid: "how is _____ [insert first child's name] adjusting?" maybe you are wondering also.

ben is doing pretty good. he definitely loves avery and asks to have her come read books at bedtime or he lays down on the floor beside her when we're changing her diaper. he looks concerned when she's crying and he calls her squeaky mouse.

in the past few days though, the "helping" has definitely increased - i don't know if it's that avery is awake a little more which means mommy is holding her more but if i'm holding avery, chances are that ben is trying to sit on my lap. if i'm giving her a bottle, ben is sitting on me and trying to hold the bottle. we were at the beach on sunday and i was walking and holding avery because she'd been screaming in her carseat - ben HAD to hold my hand and not daddy's hand. good thing avery is so light, i can carry her with one arm.

but overall, he's doing well. i'm so happy that he likes her at this stage because as she gets older and more communicative, i imagine that will be more fun for him to entertain her.

at my parents' place on sunday, ben placed his cars around avery so that she could see them.

then he laid beside her for a few minutes.

then he tried playing in this position - it didn't last long.
he'll love it when she can sit in her bumbo.

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theRachel said...

Does this mean you found the camera?