Thursday, October 06, 2011


when i can't find my camera, i try not to think about it very hard. i'll casually look through a bag here or there but i don't want to actually LOOK for it. that would be admitting that it is lost. and then when you look for it and can't find it, you feel a bit panicked. but if it's not lost, you just don't know where it is, there's no panic. you feel like, "i'll see that camera one of these days."

but in case you're wondering why i haven't been posting any pics of my kids in the past week...umm...i haven't seen my camera around lately.


Laurie Newbigging said...

thats why you get an is always there

mom said...

Laurie.. Rebecca loses her phone too.. haha

theRachel said...

Ha ha, had to laugh at Judy's comment - it's so true :) We love you, Rebecca - hope you find the camera soon!