Wednesday, October 12, 2011

pumpkin patch trial run

ahh yes - i found my camera. i found it on saturday morning before we left for the pumpkin patch - i was on the verge of insisting we go and buy a new one...good thing we found it.

we actually have a groupon for a local pumpkin patch and we were going to use it but we realized that we were going to be a little rushed because it takes us forever to leave the house nowadays AND we were planning on driving to Hope (an hour and a half away) to see tim's grandparents that afternoon. instead of going to the pumpkin patch that we'd PAID for, we went to the free one that we went to last year so we wouldn't feel ike we hadn't gotten our money's worth. haha. my photos from last year are so cute and i want some good family photos this year. BUT since this was our "trial run" of the pumpkin patch, i wasn't worried that i was wearing tim's big spit-up stained hoodie, and that i couldn't find ben's jeans that morning. also, looking back at last year's picks, i'd like to get another plaid shirt for ben this fall. but the kids are always cute so i took a few photos of them of course...

what a big boy!

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