Friday, January 13, 2006

the life of a procrastinator

this pic is by request from Carrie...i like to please the fans.

so i sat down with my principal on Tuesday and he asked my how my unit planning was going since i have to have the reaminder of my unit plans in by Jan. 13 (today, by the way). I said, "umm...i haven't started." thankgoodness for a fantastic principal. he reasoned that if i just do a rough copy for all my LA units (7 of them) and then full out detailed unit plans for the remainder of my science and socials units (3 of them) then i should be able to get them done by this coming Monday. so due to this gracious extension (which actually was already an extension from September) i have not done ANYTHING since Tuesday (oops) and now my Saturday is about to be stressed. what a lame thing to do to myself. ALL I HAVE ARE MY WEEKENDS! why do i do this to them? PLUS...this Saturday night is our belated Christmas staff social. poor Tim is not looking forward to it. it'll be FINE tim. i thought i was the anti-social one! what a great match we are.

i went to Sport Mart today after work because i got home a little early...why Sport Mart? i know, it was a random choice. (see the next paragraph for more insight into the desire to buy some sporty clothes) but one of the workers there comes over to ask if i'm finding everything alright and i say yes. so she cracks a joke about how she's probably the fifth person to have asked me and i say, no only the second. anyways...blah blah blah, we start talking about "going to the gym" etc and i launch into a similar story to the one in the next paragraph about going to this dance class at the rec centre because it's a great instructor and she says, "is her name mary?"...well apparently she's heard of it but has never gone. the end of this story is that she's coming next week and i'm supposed to look for her because she hates to go to stuff like this alone. haha. i love new bestfriends. that you find at...Sport Mart.

i have decided to do a 7-day free trial at Just Ladies Fitness and only because i take this "dance blast" class at the rec centre every Wed. and the teacher ALSO teaches it 2x a week at JLF and it is the only kind of working out that i actually enjoy so i figure i should try to fit in as many classes as possible. mary is going to think i'm stalking her. ha. i'm pretty sure that after the 7-day trial, i'll sign up. apparently it's a pay on a month-to-month basis so you can quit at any time. who would like to join with me? i hate doing stuff like this alone but i'm branching out here...maybe my new friend from Sport Mart will sign up with me. ha.

peace out...


ang said...

good story and I really liked the extra effort made to add the jlf logo.
I will be checking on you everyday now!
dance it up!

dariansgirl said...

hey why don't you call me back so that i don't have to find out that your busy tonight by reading your blog? ps. baking cookies is a good call.

Sharelle said...

probably the best friends i have ever made have been in retail stores.

just kidding.

But hey - you never know.