Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Ok, a for real blog starting....now

Ahh yes...as I read all these other blogs I think to myself the same thing I thought last November -- "I want a blog." So I started one and then never let anyone know and never wrote in it again. BUT here I am begging forgiveness and starting afresh. I'm not promising anything great -- just mediocre murmerings of a first year teacher. I figure with the amount of things piling up that I should be doing, I'll have no trouble finding time to write here. (if you know me well, you'll know that was not sarcasm...it's the truth.) so save me to favourites. because it'll be one. HA.

(and the picture? it's me figuring out how to add pics to this blog. just practicing.)


CarrieG said...

Becca!!! Remember when I lived with you and we were actually maybe friends?? hehe. I'm really glad you have a blog; I know that Hannah and I will be proud of you. So I'm kicking it here in NC and still have no idea how I ended up here. I've seen Hannah a few times, but now she's in S. Africa...crazy. ANYWAYS, I just have one request for your blog - post pictures! :) I barely even know what your husband looks like..heh. Later.


dariansgirl said...

ha! you crazy girl! i also have a blog that i told no one about and started in november and have every intention of posting in more regularly this semester. i'm excited to hear about your life at my own convenience without having to make the effort to call you or to ever actually see your house. (i'm the lamest friend ever i know, but someone has to be). so when procrastinating come and check me out too.