Tuesday, January 24, 2006

loving on BC

i've been inspired by Ang to love on BC because there's been a lot of trash talk about all this rain. now, of all people who should dislike rain, it is me because rainy days mean INDOOR DAYS and when i'm on supervision, indoor days suck. all the kids are in the gym running wild. i'm suprised there aren't more injuries. however, i still don't mind it because we live in a great place. check out those mountains and the green green grass on my lawn. love it.

today was a beautiful clear day though -- we played soccer and capture the flg outside for gym and we didn't need coats.

here's the view from my living room window of Mt. Baker and the view from the top of Mt. Cheam in summer (which i look up at everyday from the school yard as we are right below it).

two thumbs up for BC

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daniel nikkel said...

hello bec. good to see you r comment on my site. i miss you guys lots. now that i have your blog i can keep more up to date. ok. later. DaNieL