Saturday, January 14, 2006

i'm addicted to comments it turns out i love this thing. when i read a comment (of which there have been 3) i just want to write something else! oh and FYI i changed the comment-ability on here so anyone can comment.

so i've made two unit plans this morning, watched two episodes of Freaks and Geeks, eaten an apple pear, bag of popcorn, a diet coke, and three handfuls of jelly bellies, and now i'm back to write some more unit plans.

and i realized that i have to bake something for the staff social tonight. i have kind of become the staff joke for being the ultimate consumer of convenience foods. sure, i started the jokes but now they're beginning to strike a chord. so even though my first thought for the baking for the staff social is to go to save on and buy something pre-made, i feel like i have no choice but to make something myself to prove that i can bake if i wanted to. i found a reciepe (spelling?) on the side of the peanutbutter jar for cookies so that's what i'm planning to make. it requires peanut butter, sugar, and an egg. how much easier does it get? uhh...except that i don't have any sugar so i'll have to go out and buy that first. shoot.

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ang said...

my favorite, (see I am useful) receipe lately is making chocolate cupcakes, from the box and putting a mini reese peanut butter cup in the middle. If you are making them for kids or just yourself, or pretty much anyone who won't look down on you for making them rediculously sweet. I like to frost them with a nutella/peanutbutter combination.
You will love yourself for making these.