Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Personality Fashion Show

[note: see new additions to sidebar -- photo album of my students & a quiz that you can take]

i'm "back in the saddle" as liz would say and was back to school today. i don't know what it is about sick days but you come back and feel like nothing was accomplished while you were gone. there are notes in your well planned day book about the teacher not being able to find such and such so they didn't do this or that. couldn't find it? how much more well placed could it have been? the problem is the kids try to explain to the teacher what SHOULD be happening and they get nervous.

tomorrow is the spur of the moment "Personality Fashion Show" for my grade 5s. we're doing a novel study on Bridge to Terabithia and in it there's this new girl who comes to school on the first day wearing weird clothes in comparison to everyone else. So we were talking about ho wmaybe the clothes were forshadowing her personality which we are going to learn about as we read more and then we talked about whether we think our clothes reflect our personality or not. Hence "Personality Fashion Show" tomorrow. We will all be wearing clothes that we think reflect our true personalities. I simply asked for creativity and they will have to give a statement as to why they chose what they chose.

Are you wondering what i'll be wearing for the show?

well...stay posted for photos coming on the weekend.
Any predictions? Please comment!

FYI: Hannah Barkey has the cutest boyfriend!


RACHEL said...

umm...lemme guess: x-country skiing unitard? JK. Sweat/lounge pants of some sort? I don't mean that in a bad way, we just all know that Bec loves sweats, right? Or...if we're being adventurous - your gear that you would wear to your dance class (the one where you learn to dance on stage? Performance?), definitely some white gloves, a la JAZZ HANDS?

ang said...

whenever I think of what bec would wear...I think back to grade one and we had matching jean mini skirts. I remember wearing mine a lot. If I was in your class I would wear my jean mini skirt (not the same one) I hope you'll be wearing yours :)

Anonymous said...

oh my freakinness. yes, hannah does have the hottest boyfriend. what the heck? everyone else just comments on your clothing options, did no one realize that you did post a photo of the hottest couple to exist? well, nearly the hottest. at least the most long-distance (charlotte-capetown)... yes becca, i'll submit to peer pressure - wear sweats.... LOVE YOU. HANNAH B.

Sharelle said...

when i look at those photos of the class, i saw something in the background that said:


that pretty much made my day...