Saturday, January 28, 2006

who gets pink eye?

yes, me. so i ended up going to work on Friday because i wasn't feeling too badly and gr. 3- 7 was going to missionsfest for the day so i felt like i should be there for that. well...let's just say that gr. 3 & 4 do not need to go ever again. everything was pretty over their heads. during the looking at booths part, they were all looking for candy so when the main speaker was speaking, Timothy (who's mother would be upset to know he was having candy) and Harry (who shouldn't have candy in my opinion) were so wired. i pulled them out of the session and ran laps with them up and down the side of Canada Place to try to get rid of some of their energy. it only hyped them up more. good to know.

anyways...i think Friday wiped me out because this morning my throat felt like it was closing up it was so sore. i went to the walk- in at 9am (that's when it opens) and the guy tells me i have a sinus infection and starts prescribing me something. so i'm like, "but what about my throat?" (and imagine my voice being almost hoarse -- i sound terrible) and he says, "oh that's probably from the sinus infection." i say, "it feels like it's closing up." he says, "oh really? let me look at that again." he looks with his little light. "yeah, actually that does look pretty bad. well this perscription will take care of that too." hmm... sounded a little sketchy but hey, i'm feeling awful so i went to walmart and got the perscription. i was hoping for instant results...i feel exactly the same as i did this morning. BUT when i took a nap this morning, i woke up and my one eye was...well...if you've had pink eye, you know what my eye was like. so i drive BACK to the walk in, sit there for 35 min, the doctor prescribes me drops, drive to walmart and wait then come home. i have NEVER been able to get eye drops in. ask my mom. well....unfourtunately things have not changed. tim put them in for me and he's like, "just hold your eye open for a second!" most of the drops landed outside my eye but we decided enough got in for then. we have to try to put more in soon...I HATE PINK EYE.


Judy said...

yes.. its true. Eye drops were always a struggle for you. I'm not too sure that forcing your eyelid open with my fingers were the kindest way to get the drops in. My eyes felt sore just reading your story!

ang said...

I'm praying right now that you feel better. I hope that you can use the down time and not get frustrated.
I know all about getting set back by your body, rest, think,catch up. I will be okay.
I'm also secretly hoping that you will have time to write on your blog and leave me several comments.

Megan Howi said...

hey bec, bet you didn't expect to have me on your blog. haha. i didn't know you had one till i read ang's. anyways, if it makes you feel any better i got pink eye in the end of dec. no contacts, glasses for a week. i was pretty bad at the eye drops too. thankfully mine died down after a few days. one of my eyes was bothering me last night & i was worried it was pink eye again. oh geez i sure hope not.