Wednesday, January 18, 2006

oh what a bake sale!

so yesterday was BAKING DAY in Social Studies - we are raising money for school supplies for kids in Ethiopia (see Our class had decided to have a bake sale so I figured we'd better do some of the baking ourselves so that I know that each student had a hand in raising the money (instead of their moms, right?). Tuesday was the day. We baked cupcakes, cookies, and brownies.

Cupcakes: forgot the paper wrappers so they were just poured into the pan. this led to funny shaped cupcakes when i tried to pry them out. then mark put the icing on too soon and it was all runny off the sides. heehee.

Cookies: they had sour cream in them to keep them soft but they looked a little funny - like still unbaked after they'd been in the oven for 10 min. apparently they were good.

Brownies: i forgot cocoa so in a moment of panic (nah...not really) i said, just put in chocolate chips -- that'll be the same. ha. we probably should have melted the chips or something but no. when you're baking with a group of kids with no help, your brain just isn't thinking fast enough! so anyways, we had light brown sugary squares with chocolate chips in them and passed them off as brownies by putting brown icing on them.

WELL...after all that, today was the sale. We sold individual goodies at recess, lunch, and after school. Lots of parents also baked things so we had a ton of food. Now before I tell you how much we made, let me remind you that we only have 59 kids in the entire school. We made $92!!! WOAH! Very exciting. The kids don't know yet because they're going to count the money themselves tomorrow.

Highlight of the day.

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