Thursday, January 26, 2006

sick day

yes, i called in sick last night because i had a fever and sore throat and stuffed up nose but mostly because of the fever. i wasn't feeling so great yesterday at work but by the time i got home. so i had a terrible sleep of cold sweats and dreams of photocopying math pages then at 4am i got up with a terrible terrible headache and took some advil cold and sinus. i woke up this morning with no fever or headache and feeling actually quite a lot better...but hey, i already called in sick, right? so i went to Booster Juice and bought myself a Strawberry Sunshine smoothie with a "warrior booster" in it and then went to winners. leaving winners i was feeling a little sick again though so i came home and took some more advil -- i'd recomment Advil Cold and Sinus to all who have colds and fevers and aches and pains etc. works wonders. i watched The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants -- it's terrible in comparison to the book however i still cried at a variety of parts so i guess it was ok. i wouldn't recommend seeing it unless you were borowing it for free from someone. definitely not worth Rogers' 5 bucks. i hate Rogers.

anyways...that's my sick day. i'm off to WR for coffee with my mom and to upload some photos off my camera. yes...i've never downloaded my camera software onto my own computer and now i can't find it so...i take my camera to WR when i need to. :)



joefisher44038835 said...

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Anonymous said...

oh no, you've got the crazies commenting on your blog now. Thanks for the comment on my xanga. Sorry to hear you're feeling sick, I agree that Advil Cold and Sinus is wonderful. I'll try to post more often! xoRJ

Anonymous said...

becca, just ading a comment so that you know i read your email, opened this up and am not a stalker.

Anonymous said...

shoot, forgot to tell you that i'm the anonomous. it's hannahbarkester.