Monday, January 23, 2006

"heep? heep hop? heep hop anonymous?"

where's that quote from? prizes to those who can name it. (ang?)

anyways...speaking of heep the school (yes, the whole thing) went to another local school and saw a presentation by native New Zealander students. well, they did some hip hop dances mixed in with a "don't do drugs, stay in school" theme and my kids loved the dances. and i thought to myself, "i could do that..."


so i think we're going to starting a "hip hop club" at lunch once a week with yours truly as the instructor. i went out tonight and found some christian rap ("l.a. symphony" anyone? let me know any suggestions) and now THIS will be a sight to see... Agassiz Christian won't know what hit them! i threw the idea out there in the staff room today and everyone thought it was a great idea so we'll see. stay tuned for THAT.

to keep things's some random photos. here's a photo of alyssa... (i'm checking to see if she reads this.) and ang (i assume she reads this). remember this day? heehee.

peace out.


Bonnie said...

Hi Rebecca - am really enjoying your blog. It allows me to procrastinate when i should be working on papers and assignments! Besides my kids' blogs, now I can check yours too!
I am surprised at how much your stories about life as an elementary school teacher resonate and awaken my memories of those days in my own life. Keep up the good work. Being a good teacher is an awesome destiny.
love Bonnie

ang said...

I love it, old pictures are the best, I really have none here, so it's fun to see yours. Summer is so great. I believe the heep hop quote is from big daddy, when that crazy delivery guy is teaching the kid to read. That's my gut on that one, but I could be way off. hey if you were on millionaire and you needed a pop culture fact...would I be your phone a friend?

Anonymous said...

Hi Bec...of course you'll be a great hip hop teacher - I always knew you would. Hey, I went snowshoeing last week, and thought of all your adventures on X-country skis. Check my blog for the details. Why does Alyssa's mouth look really full of sushi? Was she about to be sick? xoRJ