Tuesday, April 25, 2006

are ingrown toenails contagious?

so there's this girl in my class who recently was ailed with an ingrown toenail. she's prayed about it everyday during morning devotions. she's been in sandals and even been on medication of some kind. during the whole ordeal i admit that i have been thinking, "is it really that bad?" eyebrows raised

and then i caught it.

i have an ingrown toenail. i thought i'd had one of these things before...apparently i haven't because this one hurts so badly that i couldn't put on shoes this morning. thankfully it was a hot day today so it was alright to be in flipflops but MAN it's sore. and i don't know what to do about it. augh.

but seriously, what are the chances that i have not heard or talked about ingrown toenails for years and then when she gets one, i get one only days later? i know can be a bit of a hypochondriac (sp?) but this ailment is for real.

any tips or sympathy ingrown toenail stories of your own, please let me know.


Rachel J said...

Dallas is the king of ingrown toenails, no joke - he had the big toenail on his left foot completely removed a number of years ago, and had minor surgery on the one on his right foot last year (I'm convinced this was done by a better doctor, who managed to save the toenail)...check out his feet sometime.

dariansgirl said...

no. they're not contagious. however, one might suggest you deserved it for your lack of sympathy for the wee one. one might suggest, not I of course.

treatment...go see a doc, maybe you can have a great story dallas style.

Ralph said...
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Anonymous said...

Ingrown toenails are not contagious by any means. Although it has been said that some types of fungus that have stemmed from ingrown toenails could be. I have a blog at: that is dedicated on this type of problem. Tons of information for you there.