Friday, April 28, 2006

calvin and who?

today in art i'd planned on overlaying small comic drawings with a grid in order to draw them at a bigger size with a bigger grid. not a great explanation -- didn't you do this is school? anyways, not the point of the post...

the point is that i was using all calvin and hobbes pictures and i said to the kids, "who know calvin and hobbes?" and guess how mnay kids raised their hands?!?! ONE!!! w-h-a-t??? matt and i loved calvin and hobbes as kids. i guess we were a bit older but i was just so amazed. anyways. that's the end of the story. sorry if you were expecting more.

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Rachel said...

I'm jealous of those kids - they get to discover Calvin and Hobbes for the first time and all their comics will be new to them!

We LOVED Calvin and Hobbes too... there's been no real replacement since Bill Watts took his leave.