Monday, April 03, 2006

it's movie time

this weekend, while tim watched a hockey game, i went out and rented a movei for afterwards. much to his shagrin, i rented a movie called "Enduring Love". have any of you seen this moive? i don't think i read the back very well but all i really read was something about "psychological thriller" so i got it. it starts out with this couple having a picnic in a wide open field when all of a sudden a hot air balloon comes down, an old man jumps out and is trying to hold the balloon down because his grandson is still in it. the man of the couple goes running to help, a farmer comes running, a car stops on the road and the driver comes running and then there's also a random guy who shows up too. they all grab on and bring it to a halt. then all of a sudden a gust of wind somes up and the balloon rises up into the air (kid still in the basket) with all 5 men hanging on. they go higher and higher and the man of the picnic couple lets go then the next lets go etc etc until only the car driver is left and he goes flying up into the air with the balloon. after he's so high he lets go and falls to his death. WHAT A CRAZY OPENING SCENE! i was still interested. but it gets a little weird but so slowly that i fell asleep and had no desire to finish it the next day. the picnic-couple man has the random guy following him and tim said he was gay but i missed that part since i was asleep. anyways. CAUTION: read the back thouroughly before renting. (and i personally don't recommend it even though i didn't see the whole thing.)


ang said...

hey, yes I do have a tripod, but these pictures were a social event (rather then and ang is board and by herself event) and my friend Domi took the pictures. He loves taking the glamour shots, and is good at convincing me to pose. But I'd pose for you too if you wanted :)

Rachel J said...

whew, I think I heard about this movie before, but don't recall that the title was "enduring love." Sounds kind of weird, and I don' think I'll be renting it anytime soon.

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loveglobal said...

hilarious, you always have the most intriguing posts on your blog...thanks for heads up about renting movies.