Monday, April 03, 2006

a lake where?

no, i didn't take this picture but this is Mill Lake in Abbotsford and tim and i were there yesterday. what amazes me about this lake is that it is smack in the middle of town! it's actually right behind the mall on a busy street. one block over there's this picturesque lake with lots of playgrounds around it and a cement walking path. it's so great. there were a ton of people there yesterday because it was such a nice day but it was great nonetheless. so if you're ever in abbotsford at 7 oaks mall, turn right on bourquin and then take your next right and you'll hit mill lake. and hey, if you're in abbotsford going to the lake, why haven't you called me? haha.

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Megan Howie said...

hey bec, i love that 'man-made' lake. I was there yesterday doing some reading for school & soaking in the delightful sun. It's a great escape for beauty from school:)