Wednesday, April 26, 2006

a toe slash garden update

news on the garden:

my teeny tiny dahlias that i planted in the centre of the garden? they'll grow to be 2 ft. tall and now need to be replanted at the back of the garden. shoot.

news on the toenail:

had the regular wednesday night shulba dinner tonight and when jerry and shaun caught wind of this toenail, they took action. jerry, the denturist, went to his office and got some kind of glue stuff and shaun sterilized the tools and went to work at digging out my toenail, packing floss under the nail to raise it up and then jerry put this special glue on the sore where the nail had been ingrown so now it won't get infected and the nail can't grow back into it. it was quite the ordeal but very nice not to have to deal with this nail bymyself. it's hard to get a good look at your toenail when you're really not that flexible...

feeling much better already. who would have prescribed floss and glue for an ingrown toenail hey? ha.


ang said...

wow. I have a frightening mental picture of the father in law digging in on the sore nail. you are a brave girl. I found out tonight that Justin has an ingrown one too, I blame you. Keep your toe away from my family! Speaking of justin, I know we have stopped doing the math on how old we are but he turns 13 soon. Remember what a fat baby he was?

Rachel J said...

So I think this glue business is also what the Dr. (the "good" one, who didn't have to remove Dallas' toenail) put on D's foot, and he's had much success with it.

I feel like I have to qualify the comment I made previously about the doctor I considered "less good" b/c he removed Dallas' other toenail...clearly I am in no place to comment on this, the toenail that got removed was, for alll I know, much worse off than the other...ha.