Saturday, April 22, 2006

where o where has my little blog gone?

yes, it seems to have been awhile. what have i been up to? not that much. but here it is in short:

easter weekend friday, we had greek food with tim's family -- apparently this may be the new shulba tradition on easter weekend. very festive.

saturday we went snowshoeing with james and kara which was awesome. it was actually snowing while we were up there. very winter april.

sunday, church and pizza night.

monday, dinner with my family: turkey and the whole shebang. man, i love turkey. and i've decided that even though one may think that mashed potatoes are mashed potatoes...there are none like my mom's.

tuesday through friday: school school school. it was a slow week despite being only four days long. although, to update you on the gymnastics routines. we ended up doing a 3/4 routine and a 5 routine instead of everyone together. it was just too messy and at one gym class, i sent everyone back to the classroom and told them it was cancelled. no routine. however, i ended up separating the grades and they were much more serious about it after having almost having it cancelled so it turned out to be awesome. the grade 5s took it upon themselves to plan their whole routine almost all themselves and they put it to music. it is so great. we had our first performace on thursday night for student led conferences. the real performance is for grandparents day next thursday. it is so funny. i wish i could tape it and put it on here. also, tim was really sick from wed to fri so made for slow week nights as well. he's feeling better today.

last night we had our first people come to look at our basement suite (which is up for rent fyi as of june 1st). it's hard to tell what they thought. it's a smallish suite -- one bedroom. probably best for a single but cheap for a couple. if you know anyone wanting to live in abbotsford which fantastic landlords, it's $625 for a couple and we're willing to lower it to $575 for a single. what a steal. it has a gas fireplace and gets quite a lot of light for a basement suite. very cute.

and then today. it's gorgeous outside but i went to the gym anyways. tim's out mountain biking in north van (he must not be too sick anymore) so he should be home soon and then we'll go out and enjoy the sun together. i think we're supposed to garden. i've been puttin it off like mad because i am just not a gardener (wait a sec...i'm not a cook, a kitchen or bathroom cleaner, a laundry-doer...hmmm) but our garden is a little out of control.

anyways...probably enough posting for now.

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Rachel J said...

I was wondering what you were up to...I'm glad you're back. I'm one to talk though, I also last posted on April 20...oops.