Sunday, April 23, 2006

our gardening endeavours



AFTER PLANTING (i'm hoping that these flowers grow bigger because they're looking a little pitiful)

Yes, I was attempting a tan in my tube top.

Tim at work.

In the past two days, i have done more gardening than i have ever done in my entire life collectively. it's interesting to learn that gardening is not just something that you know how to do. i have no idea if there's any specific guidlines to much do you add? how do you know if you need to add? do you mix it in with the other dirt after you've added it? what about the flowers? will they expand and grow width wise or are there going to be 9 little plants far away from each other that grow into 9 larger plants far away from each other? i just want the garden to look like it did when we moved in last summer. i learned this weekend that it's not as easy as it sounds to do that. but hey. at least there are not more weeds. haha.


Alyssa said...

Nice garden I am very impressed. I can't wait to see it in person!

Rachel J said...

I can't resist: nice cleavage! Oops, I really mean, "great job on the garden!" Can't wait to get back to BC to see you and Tim!

Anonymous said...

I like gardens. I would rather mow the lawn than mop the floor any day...
Good job!

raquel said...

Wow I love your garden! It looks super great, I'm glad you took the before and after pictures. There is a lot of pressure when you live on a street with neighbours. You just don't want to be the people on the street that the other neighbours are annoyed at because they have an ugly yard... Good on ya for not being the hated neighbours your yard looks great!