Tuesday, April 04, 2006

folk dancing it up

despite all my "i go to dance classes every week" i don't know if i could teach much to my students for PE as dance is one of the requirements. SO, i had my class join up with the 6/7s today for PE and john taught everyone folk dacing. it was awesome. it's hilarious how horrified kids are of holding hands or linking arms. the older ones get over it quicker than the younger ones. strange but true. another funny concept is that kids do not understand keeping time with the music. there was this one dance where we really just walk around in a circle holding hands. left slide left slide left slide left slide stop stomp right slide right slide right slide right slide stop stomp. this was insanity. no sliding. just running until everyone crashes into me or john when we stop. then turn around and run the other direction. oh man. a couple of my grade threes never did catch on. link right arms and turn? what? i think the "rights" and lefts" took too much thinking for them. haha.

anyways. had to be there i guess.

my sharelle quote of the day:
"Good teaching can not be reduced to technique; it comes from the heart and the integrity of the teacher." --Parker Palmer

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Sharelle said...

this post has my name in it, and i am SIX days late to post. i hope we will still remain friends. i have this sense that parker is actually a part of your life these days. i look foward to that...