Monday, April 10, 2006

gymnastics? what?

so i'm planning a gymnastics routine for my entire class to perform on grandparents day and student led conferences day. oh man. this is going to be hilarious. we have been doing stations around the gym for the past couple gym classes where kids go from mat to mat and there are "moves" for them to try. these are things like forward rolls and cartwheels. we don't do anything remotely dangerous except for the backwards roll. though i did have a crier on the forward roll one day when they hit their head too hard on the mat. anyways...whole routine. i'm going to try an choreograph this routine to a song so that will make that much better. but guess what song i'm thinking of..."in the light" - dc talk. when was the last time you heard THAT song? heehee. i haven't put the routine and the song together yet so we'll see if it's going to work. it may be best sans music. stay tuned for updates.

in other news, my own dance routine competition date is arriving quickly. May 2nd to be exact. 8:50pm. Abby Arts Centre. i'm putting this info out there so if anyone wants to come see me dance like a 7 year old in a horribly tight outfit, feel free. i don't think you have to pay for this one. the next time we'll perform is at the dance studio's recital which will cost big bucks and you'll have to watch hundreds of other kids dance as well. when i get my outfit together...maybe i'll post a picture. haha. yeah right. there are no other "beginner adult stage dance" classes competeing which made me think that we'll be shoo-ins to win. however, i come to find out that we won't necessarily win if we don't get enough "points"? so that would be embarrasing. haha. anyways...good times ahead.


rachel j said...

So I've been sitting at my computer all day, writing a paper. I feel like I could use some gymnastics at this point, and may resort to "In the Light" by DC Talk as my background music. It does sound like all kinds of hilarity in your classroom with the routine and all. I am a bit choked, because I arrive back in BC on May 2, but not until just after 8pm, and I'm flying into Van, not Abby. Shoot! Gross miscalculation on my part, and if I had known, I for sure would have been in attendance. I would have been the one whistling inappropriately at you ;-) Just so you know.

ang said...

wow! If I was around I would have loved to come and be the "dance assistant" thats the thing with teaching kids eh? You can tell them stuff and they don't know any better. Some time can you please have me to your class as an expert on something? Or we could tell them we met eachother while working at NASA or something, that would be a good one.

Alyssa said...

I'm so sad that I will just miss your dance performance... you will have to give us all an encore presentation when we get there:)