Thursday, October 19, 2006 dilemas.

now if you're looking for a surfacey, self invovled, unimportant dilema post, you've got it right here. my hair drives me crazy. i'm at the point right now where i should go and get a haircut because it's in that middle stage but i feel like growing it out. it's so dumb to grow it out because it just does not look good pulled back all the time but then i see pictures like the following and think, no, it could look good. here are my thoughts with photos...

look at the possibilities - i really liked this hair on these two days alone. this was my courtney cox attempt. but i never wore it down -- too much work and i didn't have a straightener at the time.

so it looked like this. pulled back, gross bang strands, making my face look fat. this is what i would not want if i grew out my hair again.

so i cut it all off (this one being the most recent major cut)

but then it grows out. sometimes growing out can look nice like at this wedding.
but most of the time, this is my problem: (see previous post with caedmon for more evidence)

although now that i have looked through all these pictures analysing them, maybe i don't want long hair again because it makes me look younger..? i'm trying to look like a teacher. a grown-up one. maybe i should just stop wearing hoodies and pumas to school everyday and quit worrying about my hair. haha.

yes, these are the thoughts that go through my head each morning when i'm trying to make myself look presentable. now you know more than you ever wanted to. but that's why you read my blog.


Sharelle said...

its okay bec.
i think this much (or more) about my hair. brenda baloun and i decided we have definite "70's boy hair", which means that with only a small amount of moisture, we can easily have a wave that makes us look like we are boys in the 70's.
so, i know how you feel. just was thinking i need to "fix" my own hair. oh these troubles.
and to think, some people get out of the shower and their hair lies flat....geez.

ang said...

Ang's voice of reason: there is no reason for you to be trying to look older then you are! You are the perfect age, you don't need to fit any model of what teachers "should look like". You are a hip young teacher. Your teaching speaks for itself. Be proud of your age, what you have accomplished, and please please don't try to be older! You will hate yourself 20 years from now realizing that you picked a "teacher hair cut" and stuck with it. Take risks, have fun. You look beautiful in all of these pictures.