Tuesday, October 17, 2006

caedmon kovacs

yes, i got to meet him tonight. liz and darian are looking good for the amount of sleep i imagine they're getting. the little guy was awake the whole time i was there which was fun for me but disconcerting for liz and darian as he had never been awake that amount of time yet in his short little life. he's so sweet. darian is updating their site often so keep checking it out at caedmonkovacs.com

in other news, it turns out that there is a whole world of movies that we have never seen which i would label as disney no names. they'd be in the category with marykate and ashley's movies except that those aren't no names. the one we watched last night (which was borrowed from owen dickie) was called highschool musical. okay, i've typed 5 sentences here and then backspaced because i just can't put into words the cheesy greatness of this movie. it's a musical so you're watching and then all of a sudden the whole basketball begins singing and dancing about getting their heads into the game. and for sure the most amazing scene was when the entire cafeteria broke out into song and dance -- it was fantastic. i imagine myself adoring it as a ten year old. if you're ten, i recommend it.

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joy said...

I'm so glad I'm not the only adult who sat through all of High School Musical!