Thursday, October 05, 2006

thoughts at random

thought number 1: last night on america's next top model, the quote of the night was (in regards to the tasks they do on the show)..."nothing that we do is pointless." hmm...

thought number 2: i love fall. i love fall so much that i was going to write an ode to it but then thought...ahh...i'll stop at saying i love it.

thought number 3: teachers are of a different breed. i am at the christian teacher convention right as we speak (yes, and i am posting) and it's so funny to be with 1100 teachers at one time. i can't explain.

thought number 4: i bought these expensive runners awhile ago (remember that post?) and last night at dance blast i was dancing away only to realize that a part of the sole is coming off the bottem. what??? am i allowed to take them back without a reciept months later?

last thought: when is tim getting home tonight?


ang said...

good thoughts, taking the shoes back is worth a try, the worst that could happen is that they say no.

Sharelle said...

i have to say, i still find the new workout rebecca shocking.
a sentence that starts with "i was at dance blast".
i just take a long time to come around to things.
good on ya. haha.

rachel s. said...

Ok, so we talk on the phone last night, and you didn't bother to tell me that it was International Teachers Day? Well, congrats for being a part of that! You're doing a fabulous job with those kids, I just know it. And leading a workshop too...seriously, when did we all grow up?