Monday, October 16, 2006

are you my brother?

well i got the link to TWU hiking photos and made it into a couple. proof that i hiked mt. baker (although it really could be anywhere from these photos)
eating lunch - me in the centre
that's me second from the left in black

in regards to my post title today, last night my brother called me to see if i wanted to come to WR for dinner. my parents are away in oregon and tim had already left for his trip. i was up for a dinner cooked by someone other than myself so i drove out to WR. if only i'd had a camera to take a picture of what he made.

sun-dried tomato pesto lingune with chicken
baked asparagus
mixed greens salad with red pepper, strawberries,and avocado with a balsamic vinegar and oil dressing

and to this i ask, "are you my brother?"

but yes, it was him. he's quite the healthy guy making faces at mac&cheese and eating at wendy's. he explained that the previous night he'd made some kind of fancy tuna steak which he pan seared in a special coating of crushed sea salt kettle chips and garlic. he said it was fantastic. he says that he would cook this way if he was living on his own. well well well. there are just no words to describe my amazement being his sister who sometimes cooks mac&cheese as a dinner for her husband. i could learn a few things. (but i'm going to wendy's tonight for dinner...i'll start learning tomorrow...)


Sharelle said...

i am glad you took my advice and posted the "proof" pics. i feel choked - why is no one taking a pic of me? oh well, we need to make friends with camera people. haha.

and hey, your brothers meals sort of sound like my matt. strange. maybe its a matt thing. but i am still a wendys girl at heart. you cant change that...

Bec Shulba said...

sharelle -- those pics were from last hike, not this hike. there were no pics of me on this hike either.

and hey, does matt subscrbe to men's health? that's where my matt gets all his stuff.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't that salad amazing, Rebecca?! Matt's quite the little chef isn't he?! You're so lucky. I laugh because my Dad cooked on Sunday. Guess what we had? None other than ol' Mac&Cheese. Oh the horrors! Now that my Mom's home it's back to healthy eating! Thank goodness! Glad to hear your mountaineering is going well! Have a good week while Tim's away.

ang said...

Way to make it in the pictures! It looks like you are crazy high up with that snow arch and such, I'm impressed! Have a great week, I'll talk to you when I get back!

rachel s. said...

Matt sure has moved on up since that summer working the hot dog stand. Hee hee.