Saturday, October 28, 2006

what to post...what to post...

on a daily basis i can think of numerous random things to post the movie highschool musical and how my hair bugs me and what i think on my commute to and from work but apparently these are not the things that get people commenting. as my cousin rachel explained to me in my early blogging days, she says i am supposed to "earn" my comments. so all week i've thought long and hard about something substantial that i could say and earn some comments and here is the problem: i don't have anything. sure, i could discuss reading disabilities at length or the beauty of the buntzen lake trail (where i hiked today) and how hiking there made me contemplate life or "post-modernism vs. christianity" (that's for you sharelle) but you know...i'm still more interested in less important things when it comes to blogging. maybe i'll write a quote at the end of the post or something to make up for it.

this week i ref-ed two soccer games in the rain. i don't really know the rules for soccer. like when the ball goes out by the green team in the end-zone of the green team, the blue team gets a corner kick, not a throw in. these are things you learn quickly. at one point in the game i started talking to a parent, only to look up and see the kids all looking at me because the ball had gone out and i hadn't called it yet. haha. this wednesday we have a tournament with chehalis, harrison, and seabird which is all day so that will be fun. i only have to ref one game and i think i've got the rules under control now.

also this week we began our coreography for our hiphop class. mary (my instructor), has picked an old usher and old mase song for it and let me tell you, if you don't like a song that you're learning a dance to at the beginning? after you listen to it a hundred times per class, you will hate it with a passion by the end! but when i checked mary's site for our music and coreography, i saw she has pics of the dance blast class that she teaches that i go to on wednesday nights (remember alyssa?). here are two pics...i always stand at the front on her right...just out of this picture. the person in the right corner of the pic is my sister in law. i stand next to her. in the stretching ones, i'm the person in the lower left corner. i have been super awful about going regularly since summmer. augh. just looking at these pics makes me feel guilty.

in more exciting news, my hiking class is almost over! all i have left is this ridiculous test on wednesday and it's done! i completed my last hike today. buntzen lake trail. fairly easy in comparison to our three other hikes but it wasn't all flat or anything. :) being keen enough to post this moments after getting home from the hike, there are no pics yet to post from the class photo site (since you know i wasn't taking any with my non-existent camera). at the end of the hike when we get on the bus, daryl, our instructor tells us that we're going to go for ice cream. on him. we're all amazed that he's going to buy ice cream for all 50 of us...very exciting. then we stop at not mcdonalds where ice cream cones are a dollar but at DQ where they're $2.25. what? how great! THEN he says that we can have whatever we want...even blizzards! wha..?? my husband won't buy me blizzards!(jk tim) so we go in and they're slightly overwhelmed by us and i order a dipped cone. my friends (term used loosely except for sharelle) all order small blizzards. but then we're sitting there eating and watching other students walk by us with their purchases: large blizzards. whole combo meals. who do these people think they are? we're stunned. but then we come to find out that our travel budget still had $200 in it and if we didn't use it up it just goes back to T-dub. well...this travel budget isn't just twu's's our extra fees that we had to pay for this class! i paid $87 extra to hike so really...the DQ wasn't on was on us. haha. enjoyed my cone until i started wishing i had fries but i enjoyed my cone.

“Deep is the well of truth and long does it take to know what has fallen into its depths” -Friedrich Nietzsche


ang said...

I have nothing more too post either, because I am living in paper town right now. Talking about elementary girls aggression though, maybe we could talk about it later. The whisper, gossip, kind of bullying it's interesting.
Then the anti-globalization movement.

But I feel sick, my sinuses are throbing, it's weird. I just had a scary dream, (yes an afternoon study break) it was about Joey and we were in line for some disney land thing, and "pandamonium" broke out, and i was trying to save him and get him out of there, (you know undergroud line ups with the ropes) but all these stupid idiots, wouldn't let him by. He was too short and small and they were fat and pushy americans. It was a crazy dream, in the end, we were ok any I cried to him how sorry I was, and promised to by him "the victorian house at the top of the hill" The whole experience was very hot, because i am wearing a sweater.
Back to paper, I think I'm going to email for an extention, no harm in asking eh?

Alyssa said...

Well... the whole "I paid for the ice cream... not the prof" thing reminds me of this Aviation Workshop I went to a couple weeks ago... one of the top guys from a major airline (I won't say which) has a tendency to rub a lot of people the wrong way. And at the begining of his speach he gets up and is like "It's all about me, because I pay NavCanada who pays your bills"... and he repeats this several times throughout the day. Just randomly yells it out from time to time. Well finally, someone from our office ges up to make a speach, and he says "Yes, it's all about you until we buy a ticket on your airline, then it's all about us". Gold.