Friday, October 06, 2006

it's over

my love affair with the library.

oh i know...i raved about it this summer. renting movies. requesting books. the honeymoon stage.

at one point a lot of things went overdue at the same time and racked up a lot of money but i stayed calm and thought to myself, "it's okay...i just need to do better at getting my stuff back. i can do this." i continued the affair.

but now? i had 47 books overdue today. even when they're only overdue three days...that adds up. then when i pressed, "renew all" on my account, it told me, "too many renewals" and refused to renew some of them. these are books that i'm using in my author study at school. how dare they be overdue without renewal priveleges. i am taking these books back after school next tuesday and will not be returning to the library again.

oh i am serious.

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