Thursday, April 19, 2007

spring planting

so right now in science, we're learning about plants. today we planted marigold seeds. in peet pellets. peet pellets seemed smart when i was buying them because they're little hard round things that you add water to and they pop up and you plant seeds in them until they've sprouted. then you move them into a real container. but shoving these marigold seeds into them didn't seem like it was going to work...that would be a major disappointment. we'll see. long does it take usually for marigolds to sprout?

it was pretty funny as we were planting our marigolds, the kids were all very adament about naming their plants. and one kid's plant couldn't have the same name as another kid's. the names range from goldie to roberto luongo. i'm sure luongo would be flattered.

another thing that we did today was put a sponge in a pie plate and put birdseed on top. apparently, it should sprout. i can't imagine how that will happen but i guess that's why it's an experiment right?

ah...teachers. we look like we know what we're doing but sometimes we're just learning along with the kids.


kara said...

Wow. You're such a creative teacher, Rebecca! :)

Laura said...

Oh the plants. It's a fun unit, i did it with my kids last year. The only sad thing is that all the plants grow and different times and some kids plants won't grow. I don't know much about marigolds but make sure you have good soil and new seeds otherwise little growth occurs...good luck roberto!

joy said...

Rebecca, you could get a lot of information from my mom, who is 91 years old and still saves all her seeds. She gets so excited when she sees these tiny "things" popping out of the soil. I can't even see them, but I guess she knows what to look for. Just ask her and she will give you loads of information. She said she has been planting seeds since she was a child. Good luck.