Monday, April 16, 2007

diet coke has lost it's hold

yes, it's official. this weekend, free to drink diet coke, and it just wasn't that big a deal. WHA???? yep, it's true. it may be that diet coke has lost it's grip on me.

> there was once a time that if i forgot to bring a DC with me to school for lunch, i might go out to the corner store to get one.

> there was once a time that when i had people over who also drank DC, i knew i'd better get a few 2 litres because i could drink one 2L myself.

> there was once a time that 9am wasn't too early.

and now these times have come to an end. don't get me wrong, it's still the only pop that i'll drink...maybe just not so frequently.


therachel said...

I believe this should be called VICTORY!!!!!!!!!!!! Great work on the cleanse, Bec!

Katie said...

Congratulations on your 22-day cleanse, Rebecca! It won't be long before you'll be drinking diet cokes in your new Mazda3! Thank you for going dancing with me on Saturday. Maybe we can take a class with Mo again, now that I know you like her choreo. I will miss your blogs when I'm gone, Rebecca, but now you've encouraged me to start some of my own!

therachel said...

new mazda3?!?!? Are you getting a NEW CAR?

ang said...

diet coke sucks. you look amazing!