Friday, April 13, 2007

the playoffs may ruin our marriage...

haha. not really but...

this is the first time the canucks have been in the playoffs since tim and i got married. we've never experienced the tension they might bring...

yesterday was day 22 of the cleanse. THANK GOODNESS IT'S OVER! so today i was pretty excited to go out for dinner or something as a reward. well, i get home at 6pm and say, "let's go out for dinner!" and tim says, "the game's on." oh. not to be defeated so easily, i say, "let's go to boston pizza where the game will be on!" he says, "no. i want to watch the game at home." okaaaaayy..."let's order pizza from boston pizza!" "i don't really like having pizza twice in a weekend. and then on friday when we have leftovers? we eat pizza all weekend." defeated. so if you know me at all, you'll know that I....started to cry, of course. "it's my celebration end to the cleanse! i should be able to get what i want to eat as a treat for doing so good. i wouldn't have picked pizza if we could have gone out to a restaurant but you don't want to go out so what am i supposed to get?" tim groans, "fine, order pizza." well, like i want to order it now. so i sit around moping for a few minutes before i order it but there's no fun in it anymore. (i know, there's too much emotion in food for me) the girl on the phone was such an idiot while i'm trying to explain that i want a half hawaiian and half 4-cheese pizza because they technically don't have 4-cheese on the menu anymore and then after being on hold while she figures out what i'm talking about, she comes back on to say that the stupid pizza's going to cost $30. it's not even a large! when i try to ask her if she's charging me the extra cheese toppings for a medium when the extra cheese is only on half the medium, she can't hear me because it's so loud in the background, i finally say, "forget it. cancel my order. i'm not paying $30 for a pizza." and hang up. haha. yes, i was now feeling ultra sorry for myself. i sat around moping some more until i was too hungry and i went to wendy's drive through only to get home and have the worst chicken burger, cold fries, and a watered down diet coke.

so what have i learned from this experience? umm...i don't like hockey? no...i don't like BP? no, that's not it...uhh...shoot. [insert dad-like lesson here] i guess i need a little more time to think about it.

*note: tim did apologize during this fiasco for only thinking about himself. but girls, we all know it was too late. haha. i love you, tim.*

**note: after re-reading my post, maybe my lesson learned is not to rest so much of your happiness in food. hmm...**


therachel said...

I appreciate your candor, Rebecca. Thanks for sharing this story with us.

Sharelle said...

i also appreciate your candor, and i appreciate rachel for using the word "candor".

i think the part i relate to is the anticipation part. you were waiting the whole cleanse for that dinner, and then bam! all that anticipation foiled. i do the same thing, its like the anticipation gets me. and i get equally emotional about food. haha. or anything for that matter.

but probably the funniest part about this whole story, I CHOSE the restaurant on friday so I COULD watch the canucks. Holy role reversal batman. But it always makes me a little choked when he doesnt want to watch. have the same interests dammit.

wow, longest post ever.i feel like Oprah or something. point is - i understand the emotional randomness..hehe.

Anonymous said...

"insert dad-like lesson here"

Wow... so many lessons, so little space.