Saturday, April 28, 2007

when my audience demands...

so thursday night was the hiphop cometition at abbey arts centre. oh man. adult hiphop. i was not looking forward to performing. we were supposed to be there at 6pm and i got home at 5pm. i get home and remember that i'm supposed to have white shoes for it. shoot. i call around (uhh...meaning i call my only friend in abbotsford who i dance with) and can't get any. so i zoom zoom over to payless and (insert rickards red choir here) there are white shoes! better yet, they were only $11.00. and i zoom zoom home.

now makeup and hair. if you know me, you know i STRESS about hair and makeup when they're mandatory because i just don't know how to do them. so the hair i decide not worry about and i just put on a headband and a ponytail. haha. makeup...i do my best.
at the comp...we sit around and take these photos. (and yes, we know we're wearing too much makeup...we're supposed to)

amy and i

the early keeners

our gangster poses

almost the whole group

yep...we came, we saw, we danced. sorry, no pictures of that. no cameras allowed in the audience. it actually wasn't too bad. i think i only messed up once. i have no idea what anyone else was doing but i looked good. haha. we still have a month until the "recital" to brush up our moves. ha. holla!


kara said...

Very nice... James was looking over my shoulder when I looked at your post and said, "Wow, that's a lot of make-up." And I said in a defending tone, "They're SUPPOSED to wear that much make-up, they're on stage." :) And then I read your post, knowing that you would aknowledge this.

liz said...

YES! so fun, good call on the headband and ponytail. much better then some of those outrageous dos. the look is very "i'm a pro, i must have my hair out of my face".

therachel said...

i agree with liz. but can you please wear red lipstick more often? please?!!

PS - what do we have to do to get Judy MacD on the f-book?

judy macd said...

what kind of book, miss therachel? ;)