Monday, April 23, 2007

the abbotsford riots

you will not believe it if you did not see it tonight on south fraser way in abbotsford. wall to wall traffic with people hanging out the windows with canucks flags screaming and honking their horns. thousands of people, every cop in abby, and probably a lot of tim hortons coffee. WOW. it was like nothing i'd ever seen in real life. my ears are still ringing. the parking lots were full and there was NO ONE in the restaurants. everyone was on the street at the corner of gladwin and south fraser way screaming. i was there too. unbelieveable. round ONE? oh man...abbotsford is CRAZY. i would've never have guessed it...

go canucks go!


Jamie said...

first to post - wow

and you were out driving in the new car?

Yeah Trevor!

therachel said...

I didn't think I would ever see the words 'Abbotsford' and 'riots' in such close proximity. Hee. Yeah, things tend to get a little nutty around play-offs...I've experienced it in Calgary and Edmonton...sports fans are crazy!