Sunday, April 08, 2007

day 18, disc 4, easter sunday

so i'm almost to the end of my 22 day cleanse. i haven't had one diet coke and i've stuck to my one treat a day. my most difficult moment was yesterday when i was out for dinner at white spot and tim and his friend were having burgers and fries and i was eating a salad. that sucked. honestly i don't really feel much different though. i think i was expecting a more energetic, healthy feeling. oh well. i am definitely more aware of what i'm eating and that will stay once my 22 days are up. like when there are cookies, i won't eat four. haha. i'm looking forward to thursday though...i'm planning wendys. :)

tomorrow is my mother in law's 60th birthday. we're having easter dinner at our house with them and my family too. tim's parents wanted to deep-fry a turkey so that's what we're doing. "deep fry a turkey?" you ask. yep. it's true. you might think it makes for some really greasy turkey but actually it makes the skin crunchy and the inside very juicy.

we blew up a pic for her birthday of tim and i. i know -- it's what you've always wanted. here it is so you can also get it developed.

this easter weekend, tim and i tried out northview community church on good friday so we went there again today for sunday morning. it brought back memories of ppac when we had pews and the ushers keep bringing more people to your row and you keep squishing closer and closer to the strangers around you. haha. the worship was great. we might try it again for the next little while. finding a church --harder than it sounds.

as for LOST...the second season is going to be done too soon. and then what?


ang said...

domi deep fried a turkey last thanksgiving. you can call him for tips.

Alyssa said...

I just finished the second season of Lost... and now all there is to do is wait. That show is so frusterating... but I can't walk away, I'm hooked. I hope season 3 is out for James' birthday again (it makes a good present).

jeffshan said...

i love that picture of you two!! i love reading your blog, internet in uganda is incredibley slow and frusterating, but its one of the things that makes me feel closer to home! i miss lost....SO much!!

therachel said...

you are such a trooper with your cleanse...I'm very impressed! WAY TO GO REBECCA. For some reason, I have school today (isn't it Easter Monday?!), so, off I go.