Wednesday, April 04, 2007

LOST has overrun my life...

during spring break, i started watching LOST season 1 on dvd with liz. i was hooked after a day of doing nothing but watching episode after episode. then tim decided he should get into it too. so i re-watched all the episodes i'd just watched with liz. tim and i finally started watching episodes that i hadn't seen at the beginning of this week. oh man. we can't stop.

when school started again, i said to tim, "we should limit ourselves to only one episode a night." well one episode a night has not happened since i said that. on the cliffhangers? you just have to keep's a dangerous road that we're on.'s an expensive road that we're on...renting disc after disc...there's 7 discs to one season.

then we hung out with james charbonneau. and he owns LOST. now we're watching it for free.

there's no limits.

last night i forced myself to go to bed at 10pm because i'd been so tired getting back into full workdays. but tim stayed up. finished the season finale of season 1 and then watched the first episode of season 2. i watched them just now and i'm waiting for tim to get home so we can watch the next one.

it's out of control.

how am i expected to go to work with a series like this sitting at home all together on dvd waiting for me? we haven't watched any other tv for the last 2 weeks. old tv is dead to us. how will we ever watch anything else again?

the worrisome thing is really not, tim and rebecca are watching waaaaaay too much worrisome thing is, what if someone tells me something about LOST that i shouldn't know yet?'s seriously out of control.


liz said...

i'm on commercial break...season 3 gets better and better...glad to be your enabler!

once you're caught up, season 4 is at our place!

M-How said...

oh dear. Laura will just be thrilled to have someone new to talk about it with. Her & Conor are nuts about it too. She has tried to get me to start watching it...but I don't think I will...especially after hearing what it's done to your life. :)

Sharelle said...


My friend lent me Season 2 of Grey's Anatomy, and now I watch one every night. She only gives me one DVD a week, because if I had them all, no school work would be getting done.

I do work all night and then watch an episode. By myself. At least you have company. TV on DVD - worst invention ever. And by worst, I mean best...

therachel said...

whoaaa...this is kinda nutty. At least you haven't called in sick just to stay at home and watch Lost...or have you?

Conor said...

Finally, you're in.

Season two was my favorite. Season three has been okay....they better start answering some questions.

(this was written by laura)

Anonymous said...

Once you finish the 2nd season, go to your library and check out a book called "bad twin." If you pay close attention you'd have seen it in season two. The writers of lost published the book. The author's name is Gary Troup, he's also a character on the show.
It should put a spin on all your theories you have about the show.

If you want to try something fun, rearrange the letters of the name Gary Troup and see what you can spell.


therachel said...

ok, now conor is clearly in farrrr deeper than you, Bec.